Downloading And Installing Ezvid

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This site is dedicated to reviewing and demoing Ezvid, the newest screen recorder on the block for Windows.

Ezvid seems to be spreading very fast through the YouTube community, and it is not without its detractors, so on this website we’re going to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly — and also try to give you some tips and tricks about using Ezvid.

Ezvid was first released on December 7th 2011. It was barely functional on release…. Version was buggy and has some major issues which made it nearly impossible to use on most Windows systems. Also — it lacked any really interesting features (who needs another slideshow maker?!).

It wasn’t until version, release on May 16th 2012, that Ezvid started to get interesting. This version was the first with screen recording functionality.

So finally Ezvid was something that YouTube users would actually use.

At first, it was buggy, but by about version, release in early July 2012, the screen recording got quite stable and good. It was with this version that voice audio and screen capture were finally in sync.

In any case, enough history.

Many YouTube users seem to be discovering Ezvid through advertisements on YouTube itself (seems logical for such a YT-centric application). We’ve found a few screengrabs of these ads:

This ad seems to be running most heavily in the United Kingdom. Actually, I don’t know that for sure, but I saw it from my East London IP address, and browsing around on YT, it seems like a lot of UK gamers are representing for Evzid. I’m not sure why. In any case — clicking through the ads usually leads to one of these two videos:

Clicking through one of the videos leads, as you might expect, to the Ezvid website:

So let’s take the plunge and install Ezvid and see what happens.

Clicking the “download” button sends me the file ezvid0860.exe

It seems legit, nice orange icon. Then I get a security warning:

Is this legit? Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know on the internet. But as we’re doing a complete and thorough review of Ezvid, let’s be as sure as we can. So I click on the blue “ezvid, inc” text, and check out the certificates:

So what does this mean. Does this mean Ezvid is a 100% safe virus free program? Not necessarily. If you look closely, you’ll see all that this certificate ensures is that the security company Thwate is saying that this software really is from a company called “Ezvid Inc.”.

So I take my chances, and here is the next screen

On this screen Ezvid wants me to accept it’s EULA. Do I read the EULA? Of course not! Nobody reads that crap! If they did, then nobody would use Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or whatever. So I say “OK”.

Now I’m ready to install:

Nothing much to do here except click “Install.” Done. Now check this out:

Ezvid wants me to download 96.3 MB to install. Wait — almost 100 MB for a video editing program? This doesn’t make any sense. I mean, virtualdub is 1.6 MB. So why the hell is Ezvid so huge? Just to make screen captures and video edits? Doesn’t make any sense.

But as I’ve made clear, I’m going to act like the average internet user here and just click “Yes.” So:

Actually after all that complaining, the download was pretty fast. Less than one minute. I’ve got a cable connection, so if you’re on DSL or dialup or something more horrible, it could be a problem for you. But then again, if what you’re trying to do is edit videos for youtube, you’re not going to get very far with a slow connection, anyway.

Alright. Ezvid is now installed. On to the next section: The Ezvid Interface.




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