Facecam & Advanced Capture

Obviously my bitchy review blog hasn’t stopped the mad geniuses at Ezvid, because they’ve made some updates recently which warrant a mention here.

They’ve finally added a few basic advanced features for screen recording – something which they really should have done from the beginning to make their software suck not so much.

One of these features is a Facecam, which will help you to bore the crap out of people on YouTube with your Happy Wheels videos, and while doing so, show people your ugly face.

This is how you get to the Facecam:

Click “capture screen”


Then click “use advanced settings”

Then “enable webcam”

Some other useful stuff here in Advanced Settings

1. Capture screen region. So you can only show your Happy Wheels or Club Penguin game, and not your desktop. Fairly necessary.

2. Microphone capture. This replaces the old “capture screen and voice” button. Turn this on if you want to mumble your irrelevant comments while you record your game.

3. Transparent mode. This makes the Ezvid controller transparent, and therefore somewhat less annoying.

4. Headset mode. I don’t know what this does. It seems to be useless.

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