Screen Recording With Ezvid

This is what you’ve been waiting for! I know this because this is why anyone actually bothers to download Ezvid.

The good news is this: Ezvid seems to have cracked the code for screen recording.

It’s easy to use, fast, not buggy, not laggy, and generally does an excellent job of screen recording. But that isn’t the best part. The secret sauce is that it doesn’t give you any options.

You see, Ezvid has cleverly limited the scope of their application to just YouTube. That’s all it does. Want to upload to Facebook? Sorry. Want to upload to Vimeo? Sorry. Want to save on a floppy disk and bury in your back yard? Sorry, can’t do that either.

Let me say it again: All Ezvid does it upload to YouTube.

And this is it’s advantage. The best way to explain this is by counterexample. Here is where you set the resolution in Hypercam, another screen recorder:

To get really awesome screen recordings for YouTube — and I mean sharp, so it looks as good as your computer desktop – what settings would you choose in Hypercam?


Still waiting…..

Don’t know?

Me neither!

And odds are, if you think you know, you’re wrong.

And this is why Ezvid, which was designed for n00Bs, is awesome. You don’t have to understand stuff like:

aspect ratio
frames per second

Do those words mean anything to you? They certainly don’t mean anything to me!

And by insulating you from these choices, Ezvid is making it so your videos that you upload to YouTube are automatically optimized for display on youtube. It’s an integrated solution, and that’s cool.

So literally all you need to do is click one of these buttons:

To start recording, and when you are done recording, click this stop button, here:

And that’s it.

But, I do have one secret tip for you. It’s so good that I’m going to put the whole thing in bold.

If you want your screen recordings to look the most awesome on YouTube, change your screen resolution to 1280 x 720.

Know this: actually using your computer at this screen resolution may be annoying. And while you are using it, things on your desktop won’t look as good as when at your usual resolution. But trust me.

You see, YouTube videos are at 1280 x 720. So if you record at this same resolution, then Ezvid has less work to do in bending and re-sizing your recording… and therefore your screen recording will look more ‘pure’.

Please, just try this out.

1. Right click on your desktop
2. Choose “Screen Resolution”
3. Choose a resolution as close as possible to 1280 x 720

Your friends will all ask “How did u get that video to be so sharp?!?”

And you’ll thank me.

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